Risk monitoring


The risk monitor is used for:

  • configuration control of the plant, and
  • outage risk management.

For illustration the screen of risk monitor for configuration control is presented in Fig. 1. The components:

  • in green colour are available,
  • in red colour are unavailable, and
  • in yellow colour are partially available.

The CDF of the plant is presented for the given configuration and operating mode.

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Fig. 1 Screen of risk monitor for configuration control


In case of WWER440 plants preventive maintenance of the safety systems is performed only during the refuelling outage. The EOOS risk monitor is used for the outage risk management in a plant. It generates the outage risk profile, e.g., changes in CDF as function of time. In such a way the risk profile of the plant is optimized and minimized. High risk plant configuration are identified and removed from the outage schedule program. Cumulative risk of the plant is reduced to the minimum. Fig.2 presents the identification of peak and its removing from the risk profile.

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Fig. 2 Peak in the risk profile

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Fig. 2 (continued)

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