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  • Mr. Martin Svitek attended the IAEA TC RER2015: Regional Workshop on the Economic Feasibility and Improving Effectiveness of One -Time or Consecutive Long -Term Operations for Nuclear Power Plants, Zagreb, Croatia, 7-9 May 2019. He had a presentation on the topic: Long-Term Operation of the Bohunice and Mochovce NPPs.
  • Mr. P. Hlavac, Mr. R. Spenlinger and Mr. Z. Kovacs attended the International Topical Meeting on Probabilistic Safety Assessment and Analyses (PSA2019), April 28-May 3, 2019, Charleston, SC, USA. Mr. P. Hlavac presented the paper: Development of Multi-Unit PSA Model for the Case Study of the IAEA Project. Mr. Z. Kovacs was the session chair of the session External events II and panelist of the panel: Understanding of the Overall Risk Profile, Multiunit Context and Risk Aggregation Topics. The biennial international conference on Probabilistic Safety Assessment and Analysis has been organized by ANS (American Nuclear Society) since 1978. It is a forum for communication of major probabilistic risk and safety topics of nuclear power plants worldwide, including issues, methods, applications, insights, policy, research, and risk-informed regulation experience.
  • The 20th annual meeting of the Working Group on Risk Assessment (WGRISK) took place on 20-22nd March 2019 in the Nuclear Energy Agency Headquarters of OECD in Paris. Mr Zoltan Kovacs attended the meeting on behalf of Slovak Republic. In his presentation he informed about the use and development of PSA in our country.
  • Mr. Pavol Hlavac attended the RiskWatcher annual meeting on 20-22nd March 2019 in Szekszard, Hungary. The objective of this meeting is to share information and experience within the users of risk monitoring systems.
  • China Nuclear Power Engineering Co. Ltd (CNPE) invited Mr. Zoltan Kovacs as a technical expert and senior adviser to attend technical exchange meeting organized in the field of Best estimate Thermal Hydraulic (TH) analyses and Probabilistic Safety Assessment (PSA). The meeting took place in December 17-22, 2018 in Beijing. Mr. Kovacs had lectures in the area of internal and external event level 1 and level 2 PSA of nuclear power plants. The invited experts from Italy (Nuclear and Industrial Engineering Company - NINE) had lectures about uncertaintes in TH analyses.
  • Mr. Zoltan Kovacs attended the PSAM14 - Probabilistic Safety Assessment & Management conference in Los Angeles, CA, USA (September 16 - 21, 2018). It is fourteenth edition of conference PSAM. He presented the paper:
  • Kovacs, Z. and Hlavac, P.: Hazard curve construction for icing events of overhead power lines

    In addition he was a co-author of the paper: Kanetsyan, G., Amirjanyana, A and Kovacs, Z.: Internal Events Level 1 PSA study of Armenian NPP Spent Fuel Pools

    The PSAM is the conference in risk, risk management, reliability, safety, and associated topics. This world-wide group meets internationally every two years. In September 2018, it had been organised in the United States at the new UCLA Luskin Conference Center in Los Angeles, CA. The PSAM conference brings together experts from various industries, research organizations, regulatory authorities and universities in the fields of nuclear, process and chemical industries, etc. The multi-disciplinary conference is aimed to cross-fertilize methods, technologies and ideas for the benefit of all.

  • RELKO Ltd. is involved in the international project focused on Multiunit Probabilistic Safety Assessment led by SAS and EESS section of IAEA. The objective of this project is the development of the methodology for MUPSA and the application of this methodology within the case study.
  • RELKO Ltd., Račianska 75, P.O.Box 95, 830 08 Bratislava