International projects

RELKO Ltd has been involved in several international projects initiated to evaluate and improve the safety of the nuclear power plants in Eastern and Central Europe. The main activities are the following:

1. Level 1 PSA for the Novovorenez NPP, Russia
In closed cooperation with SAIC (USA) RELKO provided support in development of the level 1 PSA of the plant.

2. Level 2 PSA for the South Ukraine NPP
In closed cooperation with ANL (USA) and GRS (Germany) and UJV (Czech Republic) RELKO provided support in development of peer review of level 2 PSA of the plant.

3. Reliability analysis of computerized reactor protection system, ESFAS and I&C systems
In closed cooperation with AREVA (SIEMENS) RELKO provided reliability analysis of computerized reactor protection system, ESFAS and digital I&C systems for:
  • NPP Paks, Hungary (TXS1, RPS), 1998
  • NPP Forsmark 3, Sweden (TXS1, Iskamatic B, 1E Part RPS, 2E Part Rod Control), 1998
  • NPPs in Germany (TXS1, RESA, ADE functions), 1999
  • NPP Olkiluoto, Finland (TXP, Turbine Island control system), 2004
  • NPP Loviisa 12, Finland (TXS2, RPS, ESFAS, DG, MBS), 2012
4. Cooperation with IAEA
There is also a close co-operation with International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in Vienna. RELKO Ltd is participating in the co-ordinated research projects and missions of IAEA. Useful examples are taken from PSA training courses the RELKO team has lectured and organized by IAEA. Such training courses were organised during the last ten years in:
  • Argonne National Laboratory (Chicago, IL, USA),
  • Abdus Salaam International Centre for Theoretical Physics (Trieste, Italy),
  • Malaysia,
  • Vietnam,
  • Jordan, and
  • Algeria,
  • to support experts from developing countries.
5. Cooperation with OECD
Zoltan Kovacs is working on behalf of Slovak Republic in the working group WGRISK (AEN-NEA) for PSA of nuclear power plants.
6. Cooperation with EU
RELKO is involved in BESEP project - Benchmark Exercise on Safety Engineering Practices. This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No.945138.

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