Deterministic and probabilistic fire analyses


  • Deterministic fire risk analysis is performed to determine the consequences of fire in any location in the plant on the ability to safely shut down the reactor or on the ability to minimize and control the release of radioactivity to the environment. The objective of the analysis is to show that the plant can be safely shutdown in case of any fire in the plant. The analysis specifies measures for fire prevention, fire detection, fire suppression, and fire containment and alternative shutdown capability as required for each fire area containing structures, systems, and components important to safety. The COMPBRNIII code is used for modeling compartment fires.
  • Probabilistic fire risk analysis is used for implementation of compartment fires into the PSA model and quantify the contribution of the fire to the total CDF and LERF.

For illustration fire areas of the plant are presented in Fig.1.

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Fig. 1 Fire areas of the plant

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