Reliability analyses of computerized RPS


  • Safety I&C (Instrumentation and control) belong to the most important systems in the NPP
  • Safety related I&C are mainly:
    • RTS – Reactor trip system
    • RLS – Reactor limitation system
    • ESFAS – Emergency safety feature actuation system
    • DGC – Emergency diesel generator control system
  • The reliability analyses are being performed:
    • for implementation of the systems into the PSA model
    • to verify the safety goals which should be met by the systems
    • to identify the weak points of the systems and improve their reliability

    Typical digital I&C structure is presented on Fig. 1. Fault tree for failure of reactor trip system is presented on Fig. 2.

    popis obrazku

    Fig. 1 Typical digital I&C structure

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    Fig. 2 Fault tree for failure of reactor trip system

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